Declutter Your Space

April 16, 2018

Declutter Your Space

Focus:  How to Clean up and organize your Space

BODY: Plow – Slow . Steady
We all want to clean upper homes, environments and lives quickly.  However, we didn’t create a cluttered space overnight, so we need to realize that we won’t be able to clean it up and clear it out overnight either.  We can take it slowly and consciously so that we feel OK about it.

MIND:Meditation – The Place between thought and sleep.
We need to look inside on our relationship and connection that we have to items, how do they serve us now.  Maybe we hold on to things because they belonged to our parents or grandparents and feel we should, but they don’t give us the same joy that it gave them.

SPIRIT: Dance – Grace . Aura
Spirit wants you to check in with the aura of items, and the karmic feel of the items.  Some items are hard to get rid of but some items are easy to let go of.  Start with the items that are easy to let go of first and then as you start to make room in your cupboards and closets then you might want to keep going.  Do not get rid of items that you love and bring you joy!

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