Intuitive Mentorship

Women & Worth, Wealth & Wellness – Intuitive Mentorship Program
to become the Wonder Women you were meant to be!

Yogini’s Guide to Purpose Intuitive Mentorship Program

This intensive life changing program is for those who are ready to step up and make a difference in their world.

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This monthly program provides personal attention, for you to explore your life purpose, where you are going, how to stay in your energetic core, connected to your intuition and solidly on your path.  Candace McKim will guide a few dedicated souls through a deeply transformative self-study, intuitive coaching process. You will powerfully uncover and explore what your life purpose is and how to bring it fully into your existence. Each session you will receive tools and support to uncover the intimate details of who you are, as you accept your authentic and remarkable self and how to courageously follow your intuition.  Having this personal attention through bi-weekly sessions, on-line program, weekly A Circle Of Women group session, emails and study assignments will provide you with multi-layers of support and an inner circle connection.
This Program is for you if you are:

This Program is for you if you are:

~The person who people go to when they have a question, problem or concern.
~An entrepreneur, at a crossroads or discovering your purpose.
~Aware of the connection between body, mind and spirit.
~Committed to maintaining or creating your ideal life.
~Ready to step fully into your purpose and greatness.
~Know you can’t do it alone.
~Dedicated to following your intuition.
~Committed and resourceful.
~Ready to connect to other women who will listen, support and encourage you on your path.

What you get:
  • Deep Dive Session (90 minutes) in the first month of your program to uncover and explore your astrological chart and personal numerology.
  • 2nd Deep Dive halfway through the year includes a Chakra Balance. 
  • Receive two – personal sessions per month with Candace McKim via zoom/telephone. Scheduled for your convenience.
  • Receive Develop Your Intuition on-line training.
  • Receive weekly A Circle Of Women group sessions which will be recorded for you to watch or listen to at your convenience.
  • Weekly meditation, listen to at your convenience..
  • Inner circle check-ins to help you remain in your centre as you stay on path.
  • Receive education sessions that will be recorded, so you can listen when the time is right for you.
  • Together we will explore what your focus will be for the month and you will get pdf handouts of questions, information and suggestions for inner work.
  • Inner Circle Access.  email / text access to Candace and team: Share your wins or any concerns to help you stay connected to your intuition.
  • Bonus 2 tickets to my signature event.
Once you have completed and submitted your application form please book a 30 minute introduction session with Candace.