Manifesting Through The Chakras- A Circle of Women Series

September 17, 2018

Manifesting Through The Chakras- A Circle of Women Series

Here’s your card reading for the week!

BODY:  Throat Chakra:  Communication . Truth . Authenticity
Make sure that all the choices you are making are 100% in alignment with YOUR values and beliefs, not what other people want from you.  Is there something that you need to say to someone?

MIND:  Dancer:  Grace . Aura
What do you do best?  What do you do that you make look easy?  It is important for you to share your gifts with the world.  So often what comes easy to us, we don’t value.  Remember that we all have gifts that we need to spread.

SPIRIT:  Sense Withdrawal: Quiet . Silence
Spend some time every day in silence during this next couple weeks.  Doing this provides an opportunity for you to connect to the spirit of your own understanding, gain clarity and feel more calm.

OVERVIEW:  If this card reading resonates with you, my recommendation is to join our Circle of Women.  We meet live on-line every Tuesday for the next 3 months exploring the program Manifesting Through The Chakras.  This series will really get things moving for you, help you to get super clear about what you are working on and bring it into the present.

We will be going through the incredible downward current of the Chakras, bringing our dreams and ideas down into manifestation.  If you have been wanting to make a change or get something going NOW is the time to do it! Don’t let another 6 months or year pass by with your ideas stuck in your mind.