Positive Environment, Observances

Saucha – Santosha – Tapas – Svadhyana – Ishvara Pranidhana
Cleanliness – Contentment – Discipline – Self-Study – Devotion

NiyamaNiyamas are described as our observances and behaviors that help us create a positive environment for our own personal growth.  There are five specific niyamas:  Cleanliness, Contentment, Discipline, Self-study, and Devotion.  This is the second of Pantanjali’s eight-limbs of yoga and gives you a blueprint for your own particular development.  The niyamas are intimate and personal.  They refer to the attitude we adopt towards our self as we create a code for living on purpose.  Have you been feeling agitated lately?  Do you maintain regular doctor, dentist and optometrist check-ups?  Sometimes we put off what we know is good for us; the things that help us create a more sustainable and thriving life.  This card reminds us to take care of our environment; it’s easier to be content when everything has a place.  Look after your health, buy only what you need, continue your self-study and honor your divine.  Keep moving and manage your energy.

How to do it:  All those things you “Should” do, it’s time to do them!

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