Shine Your Light

April 2, 2018

Shine Your Light

Enjoy this fantastic ORACLE CARD READING with Mary Driver on “What’s Your Next Power Step as a Woman”:

BODY: Dhyana – Meditation Between thought and sleep
Get out of the business, take some time for you.  Whatever time you can spare for yourself, know that you are worth it.  Come out of your left brain to sharpen your intuition!!!

MIND:  Shoulder Stand – Queen . Empower
Remember that you are the queen of your mind, what you think you create – so think positive to create positivity.  Educate your mind – read books that bring you new ideas…Like Yogini’s Guide – Intuition Is A Choice! 🙂

SPIRIT:  Throat Chakra – Communication . Truth . Authenticity
All 3 cards work together.  When you step into your power and meditate, you are going to get empowered and then speak your truth and be your authentic self.  Don’t be afraid and hide your gifts, because you don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable.
Shine your light – ALWAYS!

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