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Intuition is a Choice

As a captivating speaker, Candace McKim inspires a variety of audiences with her ability to connect in a humorous, relatable and authentic way. As Candace shares stories of how she has or has not followed her intuition, you will fully recognize your own inner guidance. Candace demystifies the practice of using our intuition and includes it as part of daily life so that we can jump fully into purpose, joy, fulfilment, possibilities and connection.


With background in Social Work and years of experience leading intimate groups to large crowds, Candace is an expert speaker, seminar leader, workshop facilitator, and retreat guide. Publicly, you can find Candace through her TEDx talk, a multitude of retreats both locally and Internationally as well as through her published book; “Yogini’s Guide: Intuition is a Choice.” Candace has experience working as a teacher, Keynote speaker, and counsellor.

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“I have to say that Candace’s training was as good if not even better than any of the trainings I have done at the Chopra Centre.” ~ Tracy Persson Founder of Soul Remedies

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