Vriksasana – TREE: Forethought and Patience

July 23, 2018

Vriksasana – TREE: Forethought and Patience

Here is your video card reading and demonstration of this pose.

Vriksasana – TREE:  Forethought and Patience.

Check out in this video my trick for not getting off balance.
Tree pose is about nurturing the seeds that you planted in the spring.  It’s summer time and you had the forethought to plant seeds of ideas and inspiration in the spring, now you need to be patient for the seeds to grow to provide fruit in the fall.  Make sure that at this time when things have slowed down, to nurture yourself and the little plants that are growing and spreading!  Don’t pull them out, give them a chance to get bigger and better!!!

You are loved,

Candace McKim

To watch the Full Video: https://youtu.be/mHzQSaCEfEE