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Intuition is a perception of truth, a quick and keen insight. This book is about intuition. How to develop it! How to use it!

Yogini’s Guide – Intuition Is A Choice teaches us through the practice of yoga how to expand our intuition.

Whether you’re looking for a massive life overhaul or a quick daily check-in, this is where you’ll find it. Candace demystifies the practice of using our intuition and includes it as part of daily life. Along with a practical guide to living a yogic lifestyle she helps us understand all the complexities in a simple charming manor.

Candace takes the labyrinth of seemingly incomprehensible subjects such as yoga, chakras and dharma and then teaches us in manageable bite-size chunks so it seems doable! We can relate to her funny, touching, human stories and find ourselves in them. We are so lucky to be able to start out on our own adventure.

What People are Saying about Yoginis Guide – Intuition is a Choice


“Candace McKim showed us how to get the most out of her new book Yogini’s Guide – Intuition is a Choice. This is not one of those books that you read or skim through once and put on the shelf. You will refer to this book and the oracle cards often I guarantee! Candace used a perfect combination of  visual, auditory, reading & writing and kinesthetic (hands-on) to cover all learning styles. So many AHA moments throughout the day! I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone no matter how much you think you know or don’t know about Intuition & Yoga!”  ~Lorinne Balsdon

“Intuition is a Choice workshop was amazing! Candace gave insight on how everyone can tap into and develop their sixth sense of Intuition. She created a safe space where we all could share our intuitive moments and made me realize I am more intuitive then I ever thought. I am excited to work more with her new book and cards to continue with my learning. ”  ~Chelsey Boyne – GLOW Enterprises

“Candace’s workshop helped to motivate me to trust my own intuition as well as the confidence to seek out others to support and nourish it. The combination of her book “Yogini’s guide – Intuition is a Choice” with the workshop is like having my personal ‘Yogini” coach. Finally someone who brings Yoga to “real” life practice and teaches us why we do the poses and how they can help us. Brilliant workshop by someone who lives what she believes and follows her own intuition.”  ~Brenda Pelland-McIntosh

“You’re such a beautiful soul Candace! And your book is WONDERFUL!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  ~Shannon from Escapes

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About Candace McKim

Author of the book Yogini’s Guide – Intuition Is A Choice and Yogini’s Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards

Candace McKim, Yoga / Chakra Therapist and Spiritual Director, combines the wisdom and benefits of Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Spirituality, Ritual and Chakra Studies) with her Social Work Degree and Counselling Experience plus her own life situations and intuition as a path to Optimal Health.

Through interactive workshops, inspirational talks, personal counselling, retreats and her book, Candace guides you to identify your path, supporting you to courageously stay connected to your intuition and value your feminine power. Learn more »

Yoga Videos and Meditations are available here on Candace’s website.

Intuition Is A Choice Book